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            About Us.

            Ninja Books was founded by Carrie Byrd. She wanted a place to review and discuss books and couldn't find one that she really liked. The solution? Build one. Ninja Books is constantly changing. Over time Carrie hopes to expand and improve it and stop talking in the third person They hope you enjoy the site and the forum. Please feel free to contact her and make suggestions. She welcomes your feedback.

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            Carrie Byrd
            Carrie is 28 years old and living in New Mexico. She works in training, and keeps busy with her hobbies, which include this website and volunteering at her local library. She likes all kinds of books, including romances.

            Guest Reviewers

            James Hollenbeck.
            James goes back and forth between Michigan and Wisconsin. He currently works for a company doing something mysterious to computers that this biographer does not understand. He enjoys reading science fiction and books about computers. This biographer suspects his research into artificial intelligence is due mostly to his desire to somehow turn himself into a cyborg.

            Melanie Nilsen.
            Melanie is 28 years and resides in New Jersey. She's a teacher and spends her time molding young minds, striking fear into the hearts of all who know her. Melanie helped Carrie start Ninja Books and is the creative genius behind the Ninja Reviews.

            Breanne Siska.
            Bre lives in Ohio, and has completed her Bachelor's degree in Japanese. She enjoys taunting Carrie about her lack of anime and watching her Farscape episodes and Alias DVDs over and over. She is soley responsible for Carrie's addiction to Lost.

            Review Guidelines:

            We accept reviews from all genres and styles of writing. This means we may have manga reviews sitting side by side with reviews of James Joyce. There is only one real exception to this rule. We will not accept reviews of pornography of any kind. And, it is up to the editors to decide what consists of pornography. We like to think anyone we would trust to post a review on our site wouldn’t need us to explain it to them.

            The material you are reviewing doesn’t have to be brand new, either. It can be a classic novel, or a book you read a few years ago and loved. We’re not picky. Reviews don’t have to be positive, either. We want honest reviews, so if you have a book you hated, that’s ok too.

            So, a few basic guidelines:

            Length: We generally say about 4 paragraphs. This comes to around 500-600 words, generally.

            Content/Grammar: No one’s grammar is perfect, not even ours. We are not going to be nit-picky. We reserve the right to correct blatant errors, however. If your review reads like this:

            “Bbo wrot a gud book that I not liked much”

            We will probably not correct it. Instead, we will send it back an ask you to try and correct some of the errors yourself. We are just regular people working full-time jobs and doing this for our own amusement and edification. We don’t have time to correct something that has every other word misspelled, and where the grammar is so bad we’re not sure what you’re saying. Basically, we ask that you do your best, but don’t stress yourself into a coma over whether you should use a comma or a semi-colon.

            Language: English please. No profanity. Unless it makes sense in context, no leet/l33t/elite/3l1t3/1337/or any other variation thereof. Write for intelligent people, as that is who we hope will be reading.

            Ninja Reviews: These have been largely phased out of the site, but if you would really like to share one to accompany your regular review, please feel free to include it.

            Other things and disclaimers: We don’t want to make a whole big list of rules, folks. Use your good sense and it will probably be fine. If you have questions or concerns or want to ask us if we’ll publish your review, please contact us. We reserve the right to refuse to publish any review. Don’t take it personally. We have our reasons, and we do appreciate your offer. Do contact us before sending the review, and make sure we are interested. Chances are we will be.

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