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            Faking It
            By: Jennifer Cruise
            Review Posted By: Angel Ninja
            Review Posted: August 20, 2003

            NINJA COUNT: 0
            NINJA RATING: D

            There were no ninjas in this book!

            I’m rather offended. After all , there was a great deal of sneaking about and stealing. Had Tilda merely hired one of us, the rest of the story would have been entirely unnecessary. Seriously! Do these guys think they’re sneaky!? If they’re trying to be ninjas, they must be noobs! Ninja Rule #358: Do not have sex while hiding in the closet.

            If ninjas had been involved, the first 20 pages of the book could have been used to describe the stealthy retrieval of the paintings. We could have used the excess pages to reveal ancient ninja secrets. Your loss really. You’re obviously not doing a good enough job convincing authors that ninjas MUST be in every book.

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