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            Bad Heir Day
            Wendy Holden
            Review posted: 7/20/03

            Author Wendy Holden has presented a book thatís wickedly fun, and decidely English. Graduate student Anna is a struggling writer with bad luck with jobs and worse luck with men. So when the opportunity to work with best-selling author Cassandra Knight is handed to her on the heels of a crushing breakup with her live-in boyfriend (who would prefer it is she would live out, thank you very much,) she jumps on it. Unfortunately when Cassandra reads Annaís ad requesting work as a Writerís Assistant, Cassandra reads that as nanny and personal slave.

            Itís about this time that Anna begins to suspect things arenít going very well. Cassandraís son is the spawn of Satan, and worse yet, he takes after his father; a washed up Mick Jagger-like (not that Iím saying Mick Jagger is washed up) rock star with an insatiable sex drive. And a leopard skin thong. (Take a deep breath, hold, and release the breath and the horrific mental image. There you go.)

            Anna is surrounded by her fellow nannies, all of whom make more than their employers. Meanwhile, as Anna canít even get the Knights to pay her her pitifully small wage, she comes to the conclusion that she must escape before she goes insane. Solution: Man.

            The good news is, heís Scottish nobility. The bad news is heís fixated on the ancestral home and scared of sex. So now, instead of being stranded in London, with a vicious brat and his equally vicious parents, sheís stuck in Scotland and her only friends are a poet with a beard that has itís own personality and a housewife who writes erotica. Things are looking up.

            Holden is terrific. Anna is terrific. You cheer her on, you commiserate with her, you yell you head off at her for being so incredibly thick. Sheís a heroine that everyone can sympathize with. She feels frumpy, sheís not sure what she wants out of life, or how to get it, and she canít lose that last ten pounds. Holdenís characters, while outrageously glamourous are also - sometimes painfully - recognizable from our lives.

            Her distinctive writing style puts her on the map as one of the funniest people in the library. Fun, wacky and intense, reading Bad Heir Day is a very good idea.

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