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            Fly Me to the Moon
            Kylie Adams
            Review posted: 7/20/03

            A fabulously funny book full of original characters, witty dialogue and style with a capital S. Fashion fiends every where should look out as Adams skewers you with a well turned phrase.

            Adams makes a stunning debut with Fly Me to the Moon and romance readers everywhere must be rejoicing with her appearance on the scene. Gone the tired cliches and stock characters. Instead she brings in a fresh new attitude. Meet Sophia - fashion conscious, easily distracted daughter of a small time mafia don wanna be, and Ben, lounge lizard who takes Frank Sinatra worship to the next level. Add in a Hollywood has-been, a thrice-dumped fiancee, Sophiaís overweight sister (in love with the fiancee) Sophia's best friend (ďmy life is so Will and GraceĒ) and two bumbling hit men. Now make Ben the sexiest thing to hit New York since ... ever and have dozens of women throw themselves at him. and for a cherry on top - throw in a neurotic dog named Mr. Pickles( Iíd be neurotic too if my name was Mr. Pickles) with a tendency to pee on the men Sophia dates. Get the picture?

            Thatís right, an environment where anything can happen, and usually does. Sure, itís not realistic, but itís a romance novel. If you want realism watch NYPD Blue or read a history book. For good, light-hearted fun, pick up Fly Me to the Moon. Adams has a fun, unique and distinctive voice that makes her stand apart from the crowd.

            Rated SN - for slightly naughty.