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            Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married
            Marian Keyes
            Review posted: 7/20/03

            Meet Lucy Sullivan. She’s an average girl with an average job that she hates. She gets by with doing as little work as possible and blowing all he money come the weekend. She has bad luck with men, but she doesn’t seem to mind since they’re all a lot of fun.

            She’s perfectly satisfied with the apartment she shares in London with the slgihtly witchy Kate and the ditsy, but sweet Charlotte. She works with Megan, an Australian girl witha prediliction for mischief, and Meredia, a plump and pleasant - if slightly self-centered, girl who is desperate for love. When Lucy, Megan and Meredia head off for a fun jaunt to the fortne teller, Lcuy does’t think anything of it, but her whole life is about to change. Mrs. Nolan predicts that Lucy wil be married within the year. And unfortunately for Lucy, her friends seem determined to make sure the prediction comes true.

            Which is how she ends up with a blind date with a very obnoxious American. and then there is Gus, the chamring but narcissitic artist. And Jed the new boy at work. And the video store clerk with a crush on Lucy, and who, unfortunately won’t let her see any of the movies she wants, instead renting her indie films that only make her more depressed.

            The one bright spot is Daniel, Lucy’ s long-time friend and sometime antagonist. Tall, broad shouldered and handsome, he might be Mr. Right, if he wasn’t so bent on getting every Miss Wrong he meets into bed before he settles down.

            A comedic look at the singles scene, Lucy has to deal with friends, parents (her mother’s having an affair!), failed romances and lousy days at work. Every woman can see a little bit of herself in Lucy Sullivan. Like Keyes debut book, Watermelon, Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married is a funny, slightly off-beat look at life as we know it.