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            Deadly Nightshade
            Mary Freeman
            Review posted: 7/20/03

            Mary Freeman continues to prove that she has a green thumb when it comes to mysteries. The small town of Blossom flourishes in Deadly Nightshade. In this installment of the series, Blossom is in the midst of a heated controversy, and Rachelís hot-tempered Uncle Jack is in the thick of things. Blossom is growing and the debate is on - keep Blossom pure, and restrict what kind of expansion can take place, and what kind of businesses will be welcomed, or leave it up to the individual land-owners to decide.

            When a city councilman who was on the opposing side of the issue turns up dead after a violent argument with Jack, suspicions are rife and Rachel finds herself torn between family and romance, when her high school sweetheart and rekindled flame Jeff, Blossomís police chief, is forced to investigate her uncle.

            Tensions are running high and Rachel must use all of her sleuthing skills to solve the mystery, exonerate her uncle, patch things up with Jeff and still have time to landscape the mayorís garden.

            The second entry in Freemanís Gardening Mysteries series, Deadly Nightshade is a light mystery full of fun and intrigue. A more challenging whodunit than Devilís Trumpet, the debut book in the series, but still in keeping with the feeling of the first book. A mystery with a whiff of romance and a great deal of fun.