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            The Griffin & Sabine Trilogy: Griffin & Sabine, Sabine's Notebook, The Golden Mean: Ninja Review
            Nick Bantock
            Fiction (romance, mystery)
            Reviewed by: Ninja Usagi (Bre)
            Review posted: 12/26/03

            Ninja Count: 0
            Ninja Rating: D+

            Yeah, no ninjas directly mentioned in this book. I don't really know how many ninjas there are in London, or in the South Pacific, but it seemed like there possibly could have been ninjas at work, or they really coulda used one.

            In Sabine's Notebook (Book 2), Sabine comes to London while Griffin is away doing everything he can except be with [literally] the woman of his dreams. He comes back to find his house empty and none of his neighbors ever remember anyone staying there. Either Sabine's the stealthy ninja we know all women can be, or she's one fabulous liar.

            The Golden Mean (Book 3) presents a wonderful example of when ninja should be employed. Sabine's return to her South Pacific island is greeted with the introduction of an arrogant ass of a man than politely demands to know all about her and Griffin's correspondence, to the point of threatening her frail father's life if he doesn't get what he wants. A ninja called forth to assassinate his ass would have been greatly appreciated somewhere along the way.

            Ninjas can make bad guys go bye-bye. A lesson for everyone.