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            The House on Mango Street
            By: Sandra Cisneros
            Review Posted By: NinjaUsagi
            Review Posted: March 05, 2004

            NINJA COUNT: 0
            NINJA RATING: C-

            Alas, another book without ninjas.

            It's not like anyone's asking for a lot here. Just some ninjas. Is that somehow too much to expect from today's authors? I really think Cisneros was thinking of adding ninjas, but somehow her editors must have told her no.

            Case in point: The narrator, Esperanza, lives near this person's yard that is full of old cars that were never fixed, and large trees. Perfect training grounds for ninjas. Lots of places to hide, open spaces for practice combat. There's even some characters that probably could have used a good ninja slap upside the head.

            So write to your publishers, and tell them to let stories be in their original forms: filled with ninjas!