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            By: Neil Gaiman
            Review Posted By: Earthangel (NINJA ALTER EGO)
            Review Posted: August 7, 2003

            NINJA COUNT: 0
            NINJA RATING: C-

            I couldn’t help but notice that no ninjas were mentioned in Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere. Ninja power would have made this book so much cooler! It is funny that Neil Gaiman found the time to mention doors 183 times! 183 TIMES!!!! I don’t suppose there was any room left in the book for ninjas, eh Gaiman-san??

            So why doesn’t this book get an F!? Well, there were several cool fights in the book, and definite signs of ninja skill. I was quite pleased that Richard was able to stand in the middle of a crowded room and not be seen. He must have been trained by a ninja master. Yes…most fortunate, Mr. Gaiman, that you included this. Otherwise you would have been most dishonored.