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            Rock Rats: Ninja Review
            Ben Bova
            Science Fiction
            Reviewed by: Ninja Penguin
            Review posted: 1/16/04

            Ninja Count: 0
            Ninja Rating: C+

            Ah, finally we see combat! Combat for control of the Solar System! Combat for the affections of a woman! It's what a ninja lives for. So, where are the space ninjas then? If Lars or Humphries had just hired space ninjas, this book would have been over in the first chapter.

            There are no ninjas, but you do get an assassin. It's obvious why he's not a ninja. First and foremost, he gets caught! Ninjas never get caught. Second, he uses drugs. Ninjas just say no to drugs. Third, he uses a spaceship. Ninjas do not need ships to move through space. For a non-ninja he is somewhat skilled. It would be better to kill him in his sleep than fight him face to face, although any real ninja would still win.

            I guess even in the future people don't know that hiring ninjas solves everything.