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            Cooking Thin with Chef Kathleen: PirateReview
            By: Kathleen Daelemans
            Non-fiction (cooking)
            Reviewed by: Pirate Gryph
            Review posted: 3/26/04

            Pirate Count: 0(blast ye, ye scurvy dogs!)
            Pirate Rating: A-

            Arrrr! Pirate Gryph takiní over. Sure aní Iím sick o the ninjas that be getting all the attention! When yer on a long voyage in the middle oí the ocean tis important to be eatiní healthy elseín youíll be riskiní your life as much as when ye board a heavily armed merchant ship, fer sure. Iíll be takiní me a copy oí Cooking Thin along on me next trip. Seeing as how Chef Kathleen included plenty oí tasty ways to serve up fruits ní veggies, itíll help keep me crew from getting scurvy!