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            Robin McKinely
            Reviewed by: Aurora
            Review posted: 01/22/05

            Rating - A

            excerpt available here.

            Sunshine is normal - she gets up at four a.m. almost six days out of seven to make Cinnamon Rolls as Big as Your Head. She graduated high school (barely) seven years ago and works in the family coffee house where she's the baker, she attends Monday Movie Nights, and has a boyfriend. Normal, right? So you can't blame her that she might, after seven years want to get away from it for an evening by going to the lake where her parents used to have a cabin - before the Voodoo Wars, that is. Sure, no one goes to the lake since the wars happened, but it's been years... Who would have thought that a group of vampires might be camping out there? Certainly not Sunshine. And her only hope of escape might just be in allying with another vampire.

            A well written novel, I could barely stand to put this one down. I'd never read anything by McKinley before, so I didn't really know what to expect when I picked it up. It was excellent. Laying a seemingly solid, immutable foundation in the beginning, McKinley then proceeds to show you that what you thought was true may not be, but of course it makes sense once you see the new arrangement. I don't dare say much more for fear that I'll give away some of the good bits, so go get ahold of a copy and read it for yourself!

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