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            Trigun Manga
            By: Yasuhiro Nightow
            Reviewed By: Aurora Review posted: 1/30/04

            Grade: A-

            Fans of both manga and anime should find the story of Vash the Stampede very familiar. Even if you, personally, have not watched or read Trigun, you will have heard about it from many a friend. Humor me, though, and let me quickly outline some of the story for those who may be unfamiliar.

            Two insurance agents on another planet are trying to track down a man by the name of Vash the Stampede, aka The Humanoid Typhoon. Vash is known to cause great levels of destruction wherever he goes, surviving what seems unimaginable amounts of damage. However, the role of the two insurance girls is not what you'd thinků they're to find Vash in order to document the destruction this poor Jonah causes, for insurance purposes, of course. I'll leave the rest of the story up to you to read.

            For the lovers of the anime, Trigun, you will find a few differences between that which you see on your television screen, and that which you find within the pages of this book. The storyline of the manga actually closely follows that of the anime, but there are further details in the book that you won't see upon the screen. The plotline is enhanced, and yet seems faster paced. The artwork is a little different, showing more detail, and what seems like more care. It seems that one book is equivalent to one dvd, so will we see this series over in just eight books? I sincerely hope not. It's been a while since I watched the anime, but it does seem like some plot points have been moved around. You find out who Wolfwood is much earlier in the series, for example. Luckily, this is done in such a way as only improves the story. You'll see me standing in line to buy the rest of the series as it comes out.