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            Devilís Trumpet
            Mary Freeman
            Review posted: 7/20/03

            Murder is blooming in the little town of Blossom and Rachel oíConnor, owner of Rain Country Landscaping has landed right in the middle. Gardening fans will love this charming and unusual series. Devilís Trumpet, the mystery debut for author Mary Freeman, invites loverís of nature and mystery alike to join her for a little mayhem. The first of a series that so far contains two other books, Deadly Nightshade and Bleeding Heart, this book is a fun look at life along the Hood River.

            Rachel OíConnorís fledging landscape business finally catches a break in the form of Henry Bassinger, a kind, if slightly eccentric old man who wants to restore the family inn to itís former showplace glory.

            Rachel starts to worry when Henryís moods become erratic, and her worst fears come true when Henry turns up face down in the Columbia Gorge. Enter Jeff, Rachelís high school sweetheart and Blossomís newest edition to the police force. Their reunion is cut short when Jeff determines that Henryís demise was more than a case of loose railing and poor footing, and the folks of her small town are starting to look a little more sinister.

            If having her biggest client murdered wasnít enough trouble, her one man crew - Julio is the top suspect, Henryís nephew, in second place as a suspect, has started flirting with her and worst of all, her widowed motherís in LOVE!

            A light-hearted mystery, Devilís Trumpet is a fun, interesting and entertaining read. Ití s not much of a challenge as far as whodunits go, but youíll enjoy the twists and turns Rachel takes to finding the killer as much as youíll enjoy solving the mystery.