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            Index of Authors
            An index of official and personal websites of authors, listed alphabetically by last name.

            Adams, Douglas.
            Humorist and science-ficton author Douglas Adams is best known for writing The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

            Adams, Kylie.
            Adams is the author of several contemporary romances, including Fly Me to the Moon.

            Andrews,Julie. Also known as Julie Andrews Edwards.
            Everyone's favorite singing nun, nanny, crossdresser, etc is also a best-selling children's author. And she's good too, unlike so many of those celebrity authors (I'm looking at you, Madonna).

            Anthony, Piers.
            Piers Anthony writes both science-fiction and fantasy. He is best known for his long running Xanth series. This is a basic but informative site.

            Andrews, V.C.
            Andrews is best known for her risque and controversial novels that walk the line between horror and romance(!). Her best known novel is Flowers in the Attic. Andrews died in 1986, leaving behind a prolific body of work that remains popular. After her death her family has continued to publish the work she left behind, even completing her incomplete manuscripts.

            Bantock, Nick. Author of the popular and highly unusual Griffin and Sabine books, Bantock combines literature with art and does both well.

            Barker, Clive.
            Best known for his work in Hollywood (writer and director of Hellraiser, Producer of Candyman and Lord of Illusions), Clive Barker has also compiled a significant body of work as an author. Primarily a writer of horror, Barker has recently branched out into something most unusual, a children's book.

            Barron, Stephanie.
            Author of the popular Jane Austen mysteries, in which the Regency era novelist stars as a crime solving heroine, Barron is really Francine Matthews.

            Bebris, Carrie. The author of the Darcy mysteries, in which the character's from Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice become accidental amateur detectives, Bebris has established herself as a writer of cozy mysteries. It is interesting to note, however, that her first two novels were part of the fantasy genre.

            Block, Lawrence.
            Block is a prolific mystery writer. He has authored five different mystery series, and countless other novels and short stories. Well, I suppose you could count, them, but why would you?

            Blume, Judy.
            Best known for her children's novels like Fudge and Are You There God, It's Me, Margaret, Blume is a well-known and prolific author. In recent years she has expanded her repetoire to include best-selling novels for adults as well.

            Bova, Ben.
            A popular science fiction author, Bova is the author of many novels, and several science fiction series.

            Bujold, Lois McMaster.
            Fantasy and Science Fiction author Bujold's authorized official page. Bujold is best known for her futuristic stories.

            Cabot, Meg.
            This very pink page is the home of Meg Cabot, author of the best-selling "Princess Diaries" series. She has also written a handful of non-series novels for young adults and adults.

            Card, Orson Scott.
            Card is an Amercian author writing primarily science fiction. He has written multiple science fiction series. These include the Ender Saga, and the Worthing Saga and the Homecoming Saga.

            Carr, Josephine.Her first novel, The Dewey Decimal System of Love was quirky and unusual. So is her website.

            Chabon, Michael. Author of several books for Adults and young adults, including the popular Summerland. Chabon has also written for comics and movies. His website is interesting.

            Cherryh, C.J.
            Cherryh's name has become a sign of classic science-fiction, and with current science fiction as well. A prolific and enjoyable author.

            Christie, Agatha. If I have to tell you who Agatha Christie is, you haven't been paying attention.

            Cisneros, Sandra.
            Cisneros is the author of much literature and poetry that has to deal with issues of the Latina-American community. Her work, like in The House on Mango Street is subtle yet engaging.

            Collins, Jackie.
            Jackie Collins is the prolific writer of the glamorous romances of the rich and famous. Author of numerous bestsellers, Collins' stories of seduction and danger have sold millions.

            Cook, Robin.
            Robin Cook has created a niche entirely unto himself. Using his experience as a doctor, Cook has become the definitive author of the "medical thriller." These books have inspired paranoia in countless readers and include the bestsellers Coma and Outbreak.

            Criswell, Millie.
            An award winning romance writer, Criswell concentrates on fun romantic comedies.

            Crusie, Jennifer.
            Crusie focuses on romance and romantic suspense novels. This is a very well organized page.

            Dahl, Roald.
            Known for a wicked sense of humor, Dahl is the famed author of James and the Giant Peach, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Matilda, among others. Although Dahl is best known for his children's stories, Dahl also wrote for adults.

            Danziger, Paula.
            Award-winning author of dozens of beloved books for children and young adults including The Cat Ate My Gymsuit and This Place Has No Atmosphere.

            Dickinson, Emily.
            Homepage of the Emily Dickinson International Society. A forum for discussion and education on the well known American poet.

            Dickinson, Peter.
            Primarily a fantasy author, Dickinson writes for both children and adults. A popular writer, Dickinson's website is particularly interesting in that his bibliography lists not only his writing, but many titles include a note from the author on the book and its origins.

            Edwards, Julie Andrews. Also known as Julie Andrews.
            Everyone's favorite singing nun, nanny, crossdresser, etc is also a best-selling children's author. And she's good too, unlike so many of those celebrity authors (I'm looking at you, Madonna).

            Feehan, Christine.
            Feehan is perhaps the first word in fantasy romance. Her mysterious - sometimes gothic - novels have attracted a strong fan following.

            Gaiman, Neil. Perhaps best known for his "Sandman" comic book series, Gaiman is a popular fantasy author who has also written several books for children. One of the most interesting features of his page is a very active and interactive blog.

            Gangemi, Joseph. A new author on the scene, Gangemi has entered the writing world with Inamarota, a period novel that's a combination of romance, mystery and the supernatural.

            Geisel, Theodor
            Better known as Dr. Seuss, Geisel is known and loved around the world for his unforgettable children's books, and the amazing characters he created. This is the official site of the Seuss estate, it has as much to do with the enterprise as the author.

            Goodkind, Terry.
            Goodkind is a fantasy author best known for the Sword of Truth series.

            Grafton, Sue.
            Grafton is a mystery writer, best know for the "Alphabet" series starring Kinsey Millhone, the best selling series started with A is For Alibi, and Grafton plans to write a book for every letter of the alphabet.

            Gregory,Julie. Gregory's first book, Sickened, was a memory of abuse and living as a survivor.

            Grisham, John.
            Grisham authored such legal thrillers as A Time to Kill and The Firm. Although Grisham may not be the father of the legal thriller he can certainly be credited with it's surge in popularity.

            Hambly, Barbara.
            Author of fantasy and romance novels and the occasional cross-over, Hambly is well-known for her broad range.

            Hamilton, Laurell.
            Hamilton's Anita Blake serious shook off the image of Buffy as the best a vampire slayer could be. Hamilton's funny, interesting and often dark stories walk the line between Horror and Urban Fantasy.

            Hinton, S.E.
            Probably best known for writing The Outsiders Hinton wrote a number of books for teens and children. Her first adult novel is currently in progress.

            Holden, Wendy.
            A British author, Holden writes comedic novels, sometimes with a romantic angle.

            Hubbard, L.Ron.
            L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Church of Scientology, also found the time to venture into the world of literature. Hubbard might be most well known for his controversial guide to mental health, Dianetics, as well as works of science fiction. Battlefield Earth anyone?

            Jensen, Janet Kay.
            Jensen is an author with a wide variety of styles and interests, ranging from poetry and short stories to cookbooks. Notably, Jensen was one of the forces behind the Book Lover's cookbook.

            Johnson, Kij.
            Johnson teaches creative writing workshops at universities as well as sci-fi and other types of genre conventions. Her LiveJournal blog gives insight into her writing process.

            Joyce, James.
            The International James Joyce Association supports and promotes the work of the famed Irish writer. Joyce experimented with many forms of writing in his career. Joyce wrote only a handful of books, including Ulysesses and Dubliners a collection of short stories.

            Kenyon, Sherrilyn
            Kenyon is a romance author whose take on the genre includes the darkly fantastic, indulging her readers with sexy vampires.

            Keyes, Marian.
            Irish born Keyes focuses on slice-of-life writing, showing that coming of age novels don't necessarily mean novels about 13 year old boys. Tackling difficult (and often personal) subjects like divorce and drug abuse with humor and blunt honesty Keyes is an interesting and engaging read.

            King, Stephen.
            King is best known for his prolific career as an author of horror novels. His most famous novels include It, The Stand and Carrie.

            Koontz, Dean.
            Dean Koontz is a prolific horror writer, known for his innovative use of perspective.

            Kuffel, Frances. The author of the weight loss memoir, Passing For Thin, Kuffel made her way onto the writing scene as a literary agent. Passing for Thin was her first book.

            Lackey, Mercedes.
            riter of fantasy, Mercedes Lackey's substantial body of work spans the ages...from ancient egypt to the modern day. Lackey has also written a book based on the popular video game, Wing Commander.

            Laurens, Stephanie. Best-selling romance author Laurens specializes in historical novels from the Regency era. A wonderful combination of humor and history, Laurens is well worth reading.

            Lee, Tanith.
            Primarily a fantasy author, Lee writes for children and adults. Probably best known for her beautifully written Unicorn series (Black Unicorn, Gold Unicorn, Red Unicorn), Lee's website seems to function primarily as a journal - an informal letter to her readers. It's a great place to find out news on upcoming publications.

            Lisle, Holly.
            Holly Lisle is a well-known author of science fiction and fantasy. Lisle ranges from traditional fantasy to urban fantasy to hardcore science fiction.

            Mackler, Carolyn.
            A popular author for young adults, Mackler won the the Printz award for her book The Earth, My Butt and Other Big Round Things.

            Matthews, Francine.
            Matthews, a former CIA agent, writes spy novels from the unique perspective of a true insider, along with the popular Meredith Folger mystery series based in Nantucket. Matthews also writes the popular historical mystery series "The Jane Austen Mysteries", based on the life of the author, under the pseudonym Stephanie Barron.

            McKinley, Robin.
            McKinley is best known for her fantasy writing, particularly her Newberry Award winning novel The Hero and the Crown and it's sequel, The Blue Sword.

            McKinnon, K.C.
            Also known as Catherine Pelletier. McKinnon writes slice of life novels, often with a romantic twist.

            Michaels, Melisa.
            Official homepage at Michaels writes science fiction and fantasy.

            North, Hailey. North writes popular romantic fiction, normally filled with a lot of humor and light-hearted adventures. Her novels have also been known to mix in a little bit of magical realism, which adds an unusual twist to more conventional writings.

            Patterson, Katherine.
            Best known for the children's novel Bridge to Terabithia, Patterson writes stories for and about children.

            Pelletier, Catherine.
            Also known as K.C. McKinnon. Pelletier writes slice of life novels, often with a romantic twist.

            Prachett, Terry.
            Pratchett is most well known for his rich imagination, fusing both fantasy and satire. Most notable is his Discword series.

            Quindlen, Anna.
            Quindlen moves back and forth between novels and non-fiction. She is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist.

            Rice, Anne.
            Rice has a flair for creating intriguing characters and an air of pageantry in her novels. Perhaps most celebrated and recognizable of these works are the Vampire Chronicles.

            Rowling, J.K.
            If you don't know who J.K. Rowling is, you need to get out more. This fun and interactive site contains plenty of scoop on the Harry Potter books, so be sure and check it out.

            Salvatore, R.A..
            RA Salvatore has contributed no fewer than 34 books of fantasy to the literary world. Salvatore's work is strongly influenced by the writing of Tolkein, and is full of the colorful characters of fantasy (heroes, elves, leprechauns and witches) that we have all come to love.

            Dr. Seuss
            A psuedonym for Theodor Geisel, Dr. Seuss is known and loved around the world for his unforgettable children's books, and the amazing characters he created. This is the official site of the Seuss estate, it has as much to do with the enterprise as the author.

            Stackpole, Michael.
            Stackpole is a well known fantasty and science-fiction author. Written and maintained by the author.

            Tan, Amy.
            Tan clashes Chinese traditions and customs with American customs to fuel her characters, like those in The Joy Luck Club.

            Turtledove, Harry.
            Turtledove is a popular science-fiction and fantasy author. He is an award-winning author of several novels and short stories.

            Vaughn, Carrie
            A newer novelist, Vaughn explores the world of the supernatural. If her follow-up books are anything like her first novel, expect good things in the future.

            Watt-Evans, Lawrence
            Watt-Evans is a popular fantasy author. Notably, he is the author of the Worlds of Shadow stories. His site is avaiable in a low-tech version for those with slow connections.

            White, E.B.
            Author of beloved children's books like Charlotte's Web and Stuart Little White was also a prolific essayist and wrote as much for adults as for children.

            Wheaton, Wil. Child star Wil Wheaton takes a turn as a writer. Check out updates on his current work and read his blog.

            Yolen, Jane. Fantasy author, children's author, poet and musician, Yolen is entertaining and multitalented.

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